Simon Page Business School Kicks off Second Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition

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The ever-changing digital landscape means organizations need to be prepared to provide context and relevance to their consumers.

Simon Page Business School, a leading provider of professional business education in Nigeria is for the second year organizing the Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition, with the theme: Deploying Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage.


According to Princewill Omorogiuwa, CEO of the business school, “the conference last year was very impactful as we got very good feedback from delegates and from companies who had sent their staff to attend the conference and the learning were directly transferable to work and that is what we want it to be, because digital skills are very transferrable”.

The Digital Marketing Conference and Exhibition is a gathering of marketing and technology leaders who will provide thought leadership for the Digital Marketing industry and will hold on May 23 & 24, 2013 at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island Lagos.

The Conference and Exhibition is Nigeria’s most forward-thinking digital marketing event and it is designed for those who want to advance their careers and for organizations who want to move their businesses forward.


The conference is aimed at attracting a cross section of delegates from West Africa. Among these are social media mavens and online experts, young digital natives and digital enthusiasts. It has become the focal point in discussing the place of digital marketing and share strategies for improving customer engagement. This is expected to drive conversions and develop campaigns that are positive, authentic, relevant and significant.


Explaining why this conference is important for organizations, Omorogiuwa says “one of the reasons why digital is poorly practiced is a lack of understanding of how it works and this is what we are seeking to address through our training programmes as well as the digital marketing conferences. They are designed to ensure that we bridge the knowledge gaps and ensure that our professionals are able to compete globally”

On what delegates should expect at the conference, respected global trainer on digital marketing Mike Berry who is the lead facilitator says “People will learn how to use different digital marketing tools for helping their companies achieve their various business objectives, because that is what it is about.” he concludes.


Simon Page Business School, a modern and dynamic institution offers professional business education and training, and also thought leading business and educational events such as conferences and seminars across Africa. It is the largest provider of   Chartered Institute of Marketing , UK , CAM UK (Marketing and Digital Communications), in Africa. Over the last three years in Nigeria, over 800 marketing and finance professionals from blue chip companies including all the Telcos, major banks and major FMCG’s have trained at Simon Page.

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