DMCE 2013!

Deploying Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage



We are so excited about this year's Digital Marketing Conference. Last year was ground breaking because for the first time, digital marketing practitioners and enthusiasts were brought together to learn as well as share ideas about digital marketing. For a first time event the theme was apt; Africa, A Blank Digital Canvass. This year, for DMCE 2013, we want to help answer the questions organisations have been asking, how can digital marketing help improve the bottom line. So this time around we decided that the theme should be about the relationship between digital marketing and competitive advantage. In other words, how can the deployment of digital marketing tools help organisations both small and large compete in today’s ever changing marketing place.


To say that we are now in the digital age is not to over state the fact. It is the fact. However, it is very worrying to find that far too many organisations do not have a digital strategy. Marketing 101 suggests that organisations need to be where their customer are. Well they are in the digital arena waiting to be engaged and there are no organisations to engage with. Those in the arena are not really prepared or are unsure of the rules of engagement. At the end of this conference, we expect delegates to leave full of ideas on how they can help their organisations take advantage of the possibilities that digital marketing presents. The opportunity to reach and engage; to communicate and advocate; to understand and to personalise; to save more and to earn more, all and more are now within reach for both small and large corporates. Delegates should then find it easier to make and defend business cases for digital marketing.

We look forward to an exciting time at DMCE 2013, see you there!


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